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Mr. Ma Shouchun, founder and honorary chairman of the research institute, began by discussing our initial intention, followed by the expectations and requirements of study over the next five years, stressing a desire to learn and review in tandem and to carefully understand details. He expressed gratitude to our advisors and academic experts for vigorous support during the study of the Ancient Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold, and enabling us to learn as if taking part in a doctoral class.


After briefing on our mission, our Chairman Ma Lei gave thanks and gave staff introductions, and acknowledged Mr. Ma and other experts and all volunteers for their great devotion and efforts in providing us with a high-level platform. It is our honor to engage with these advising experts and academic expert group.


Secretary General Gao Yaohua and Academic Head Wu Junmei presided over the brilliant short speeches by consultants and academic experts respectably, with sincere sharing and succinct suggestions hitting the nail on the head.


Finally there was an expert Q&A session where questions collated before the meeting were explored. Questions that hadn’t yet received responses in the meeting due to time limit constraints were later answered by the experts through voice messaging and in writing. We must express our heartfelt thanks to the experts for lending us their valuable time and expertise on the spread of traditional Chinese medicine, lecture giving, and question answering.


Presided over by the professional and genial moderator Dr. Chen Lian (Curating Head) led to the two hours flying by. Thank you for participating and supporting our study of the classics of traditional Chinese medicine.


Our research institute is a non-profit organization registered in the United States of America.